End of an era…

Some of you will know that the owner Cliff passed away suddenly in late November 2022. We are a family business to those that do not know, and he has run the business with his wife, children, relatives, friends, and staff since June 2004. We have tried, but as we suspected it has become very hard to continue to run the business without him. Our last auction is next Monday 13th March 2023. We will be here until May dealing with admin and other duties required in the business. We will be open 3 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until May 2023.

This has been a hard decision for us to make, though it’s been harder for us to stay. For over twenty years this place has been a way of life, literally running through our veins, we, our staff have put everything we have into this business, in the early years, the days/ nights were very long, stressful, funny characters and friendships and we will sincerely miss you all- warts and all and are sad to close this chapter of our lives.

So, to confirm our last auction will be Monday 13th March 2023 at 2pm.

1 thought on “End of an era…”

  1. Sorry for your loss.
    Good auction good people
    Always gave you a chance to buy
    Will be greatly missed

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